Improving staff and student relationships, providing actionable insights and saving staff time.

Co-Tutor™ is an award winning system, developed by Loughborough University, created with and for academics and university administrators to meet their needs.

Building better quality relationships between staff and students

  • Highlights the individual tutors who are allocated particular tutoring roles with students and keeps a record of their contributions as tutor
  • Records of meetings, comments, notes, files and emails sent to students are kept all together in a student's Co-Tutor™ record
  • This builds up a case history of welfare and academic progression over time so tutors have a better understanding of their tutees
  • Provides continuity of care for subsequent tutors in a student's learning journey and allows automatic escalation of any issues
  • Highlights consistent and includeonsistent levels of support provided by tutors to department managers

Providing actionable insights into the student experience

  • Co-Tutor™ provides a dashboard of information on a student's record. Pulling in data from multiple systems about academic progression
  • Co-Tutor™ provides tutors with dashboard summaries of students they haven't met with for a while
  • Co-Tutor™ provides department monitors with powerful reporting features to action any intervention required with certain students

Saving staff time

  • Administrators can quickly allocate students to tutors and send bulk notifications to both staff and students
  • Pre-defined comments can be created and sent - no need to type!
  • Copy Co-Tutor™ in messages to students and your email will automatically get added to their Co-Tutor™ record
  • No need to knock on staff doors for paper records if information related to a student is needed quickly - it's on their Co-Tutor™ profile. For example when impaired performance claims are submitted
  • Placement admin workflows and checklists built in, speeding up the routine tasks such as Health and Safety induction

Created with and for academics and university admins to meet their needs

Roles with Co-Tutor™ can be mapped onto real life processes in your institution's departments, schools and faculties

Most tools in this space are student focused, whereas Co-Tutor™ uniquely addresses the needs of administrators and staff with responsibility for student support

Aggregates communications into an audit trail that can help to identify where problems occurred and what action was taken to support learners

Most learning analytics systems work with transactional and quantitative information, whereas Co-Tutor™ is about qualitative human interaction

Manage all your student relationships in one place, from placements and dissertations to research and project supervision

Create your own watch lists and bespoke groups independently of the data provided from institutional systems like the VLE

Can be linked into existing systems such as attendance and timetable data, the email system, hand-in systems